The Historic Buildings

BHC corner

The Beverly Heritage Center (BHC) combines four significant historic buildings in the core of Beverly’s historic district into one unified Center. From left to right in the picture above, these are:

The 1854 Bushrod Crawford building, a frame residence constructed shortly before the Civil War, has significance as victorious Union General McClellan’s headquarters after the Battle of Rich Mountain.

The Hill Store building was built connecting the Courthouse and the Crawford building around 1907. With a peaked parapet front, stamped metal siding and decorative wood moldings on the upper windows and parapet, it is an attractive example of the commercial development in the town in the early 1900s.

The original red brick 1808 Randolph County Courthouse, one of the most significant buildings in the county, is the core of the center.

The Beverly Bank building, a distinctive neoclassical revival white brick building, was home to the community’s bank from 1900 to 1933.

The four buildings are now connected by a gallery that creates a new entrance on what was previously the rear side of the buildings. This feature provides unity for the complex, and allows modern visitor services and handicapped accessibility without modifying the historic facades.

BHC gallery


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