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WV in the CW book




The only state born as a result of the Civil War, West Virginia was the most divided state in the nation. About forty thousand of its residents served in the combatant forces—about twenty thousand on each side. The Mountain State also saw its fair share of battles, skirmishes, raids and guerrilla warfare, with places like Harpers Ferry, Philippi and Rich Mountain becoming household names in 1861. When the Commonwealth of Virginia seceded from the Union on April 17, 1861, leaders primarily from the northwestern region of the state began the political process that eventually led to the creation of West Virginia on June 20, 1863. Renowned Civil War historian Mark A. Snell has written the first thorough history of these West Virginians and their civil war in more than fifty years.


THE FIRST CAMPAIGN: A Guide to Civil War in the Mountains of West Virginia, 1861



West Virginia was the setting for the First Campaign of America’s Civil War. Here brothers clashed in combat amid the rugged mountains of “Western” Virginia in 1861. The First Campaign became a proving ground for soldiers and civilians who would shape American history. In these mountains, a Union army lead by George McClellan battled Confederates directed by Robert E. Lee. McClellan rocketed to stardom here while Lee left the mountains in defeat. Meanwhile, daring Unionists forged a new Virginia government. With President Lincoln’s aid, the new state of West Virginia was born. This guidebook offers three one-day driving tours filled with spellbinding scenery and adventure. Easy to follow directions, narratives and “fun facts” are your ticket to a delightful journey through these “enchanted” mountains.

My interest in this story began as a youth, fired by the discovery of a dirt-encrusted Civil War bullet on the crest of Rich Mountain. That bullet sparked a decades-long quest to uncover letters, diaries and chronicles of an important but overlooked chapter in our nation’s history—the first campaign of the Civil War.- Hunter Lesser
The guidebook offers a compelling one-two punch for travelers and history buffs: Civil War drama, outdoor adventure and great scenic vistas all in one package. This guidebook can serve as your touchstone to the past.

— Hunter Lesser

French Harding in CW book




Written by a man respected by his friends and his foes, these memoirs reveal the life of a company commander. Newly discovered writings of the Confederate captain who fought in Virginia’s 31st Infantry and 20th Cavalry. His story is full of integrity, harrowing escapes, the pathos of losing two brothers, and the humor of men at war. A leader during the war and after, Harding was elected as Sheriff of Randolph County and twice to the WV House of Delegates.

Edited by Victor Thacker

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The STAUNTON-PARKERSBURG TURNPIKE offers a set of audio CD's about the history of the turnpike and its region. You can buy these CD's online from the Turnpike Alliance HERE.


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