Collections at the Beverly Heritage Center

The Beverly Heritage Center has about 5,000 artifacts in its collection at present. Our artifacts include many pieces of 19th century furniture, photographs and postcards, papers owned by the family of C. H. Scott, and unique pieces such as Dr. Bosworth’s medical ledger, and a barn loom made by Lemuel Chenoweth.

One featured collection piece is a surveying notebook from James H. Logan (circa 1850s). This includes not only notes about areas he surveyed near Shaver’s Fork, but also notes about the students he educated as a private tutor.

We also have a hotel register from Idella Russell. Mrs. Russell ran the hotel at the Bosworth property on Main Street (formerly the site of the Randolph Female Seminary) in the early twentieth century.

Please contact us if you are interested in donating any items. As a general rule, It is the policy of the BHC to collect only those objects which are known to have been made, used, or collected or are directly associated with a person, place, or event:

  1.                   In Beverly, West Virginia (Beverly), and to a lesser extent Randolph County,
  2.                 In the Battle of Rich Mountain or other sites or events of the Civil War First Campaign, or the Civil War in Randolph and surrounding counties, or
  3.                   Related to the Staunton-Parkersburg Turnpike (SPT), to transportation history in Randolph County, or otherwise connected to an intrinsic resource along the SPT.

Please see our Collections Policy for more information.

James Logan Surveying Notebook