First step into statehood

The Rich Mountain Battlefield is the site of the July 11, 1861 battle that gave the Union a foothold and control of western Virginia for the bulk of the Civil War. This was the first step in the separation of Virginia along Union and Confederate lines, eventually leading to the creation of West Virginia as a Northern state in 1863.

Firing Rifles

The Battle of Rich Mountain

Rich Mountain Battlefield consists of over 440 acres including the following sites:


The Hart Farm

Located at the top of Rich Mountain, the homestead of the Hart family was where the bulk of the fighting occurred. The Hart Farm site includes historical markers and many interpretive signs that tell the story of the Battle. Other highlights include a half-mile walking trail, Lander’s rock, the remains of the Hart family’s spring house, and graffiti carved by soldiers.


Camp Garnett

Located 1.5 miles West of the main Battlefield was the site of the Confederate camp. Here you can see the remains of defensive earthworks.


The Field of Fire

This park and pavilion just west of Camp Garnett is available by reservation for special events. Includes a hiking trail that connects to Camp Garnett.



To reach Rich Mountain Battlefield from the East: (Beverly)

Turn off Rt 250 west onto Rich Mountain Road in Beverly. Follow the RMBF signs 5 miles to the Battlefield, at the very top of the mountain pass.

Continue following Rich Mountain Road another 1 1/2 miles further west to the bottom of the mountain to see the Camp Garnett area.


To reach the site from the West (US48/US33):

At the Norton Exit off US48/US33 (1.4 miles east of the stoplight intersection with Rt 250) turn right onto Rt 151. When Rt 151 comes to a T-intersection, turn right and cross the bridge and follow RMBF signs. Just across the bridge, turn left to Norton. Continue 4 miles, then turn left toward Mabie. Continue an additional 2 miles, then bear left onto Rich Mountain Road. Continue about 1.5 miles to Field of Fire Park and Camp Garnett. The battlefield lies another 1.5 miles further, at the peak of the road pass.


Please notice:

As you enjoy your visit to Rich Mountain Battlefield, please help us to protect the site. Observe all posted rules, including those against digging, artifact hunting, or metal detectors. The site contains rough ground that cannot be made perfectly safe without destroying its historic character. Please exercise caution in moving about on the mountain!



Rich Mountain Sign


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