About the Battlefield

Rich Mountain Battlefield Foundation mission is to preserve and protect the Rich Mountain Battlefield and related Civil War sites, including management of the Rich Mountain site, and preserving and interpreting the Civil War heritage of West Virginia.


About Rich Mountain Battlefield Foundation

The Rich Mountain Battlefield Foundation

The once endangered site of the July 11, 1861 battle that launched General George B. McClellan into national prominence is now protected by Rich Mountain Battlefield Foundation. The site encompasses over 400 acres of historic grounds and buffer lands. RMBF now holds the largest privately held battlefield preservation site in the state.

Rich Mountain Battlefield Foundation was founded in 1991 to purchase the initial 19 acres at Camp Garnett. Additional purchases, assisted by Association for the Preservation of Civil War Sites (now Civil War Trust) and Randolph County Development Authority, secured over 440 acres including the core battlefield, earthworks, and Field of Fire Park. RMBF continues to maintain the site, develop interpretive signage, host a pavilion area, coordinate trash pickups, and host reenactments and walking tours. With the help of all its members, the dedicated STAFF and DIRECTORS of the Foundation have gotten the site of the battle, Camp Garnett, and the portion of the original turnpike which connects the two sites, as well as Camp Elkwater, recognized on the National Register of Historic Places.

This historic district, together with some important supporting property, is now the Rich Mountain Battlefield Civil War Site. Purchase of the Civil War Site property was completed in 1993, thanks to efforts spearheaded by RMBF and with the help of our many supporters and contributors, including especially the Randolph County Development Authority and the Randolph County Convention and Visitors Bureau.


The ongoing operations, maintenance, improvements, interpretation, and protection of the site, as well as operation of the visitor center, are all the responsibility of the Rich Mountain Battlefield Foundation. No governmental entity owns or operates Rich Mountain Battlefield


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You can support preservation of the Battlefield by joining Rich Mountain Battlefield Foundation. Your membership contribution of $25 individual, or $35 family, supports the Battlefield preservation, interpretation, and education as well as voting membership for RMBF.


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Give an additional donation to RMBF to support the new Rich Mountain Honor Guard in efforts to protect and preserve the battlefield — surveillance, grounds repair, replacement interpretive signs. You may find more about Rich Mountain Honor Guard at facebook.com/richmountainhonor. Your donation also supports education programming about our heritage!



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